Uptown Homes for Sale

Uptown Homes for Sale

Uptown Dallas is a vibrant, lively community, perfectly walkable from many condo and townhome developments around the area!

Uptown has become the hub for young social life in Dallas and has attracted some of the most popular bars and restaurants in the state!  Uptown itself has many different and distinct areas and neighborhoods that all have a distinct urban uptown vibe but each with their own personalities.

The State Thomas neighborhood is named for the two streets that make up a larger portion of the neighborhood, State Street and Thomas Avenue.  Located between the Greenwood Cemetary and Griggs Park just north of the downtown loop gives homes in State Thomas an almost private feel in the middle of an urban center.  The neighborhood itself is very green and there are a lot more trees than you might expect in an Uptown setting.  A lot of the walkable areas in the State Thomas Uptown neighborhood run along Allen and the intersection of Allen and McKinney.

West Village is an area in Uptown just up the trolley line from State Thomas and features a walkable, self contained outdoor shopping area which has spawned other retail and restaurant business along the outer edges and makes up what most people consider the main part of Uptown Dallas.  Recent developments around West Village add multi-use buildings with retail and restaurant space on the first floor with condos and apartments on upper floors which allows additional destinations for walkable areas as well as allowing living space that puts you right in the middle of the action!

Another exciting area of Uptown Dallas is the Turtle Creek area which is just a few blocks west of West Village.  Turtle Creek Boulevard is named for Turtle Creek which runs parallel and eventually empties into the Trinity River to the southwest.  Turtle Creek is an area known for highrise living and beautiful urban parks like Robert E Lee which sits between Lemmon and Hall and the Katy Trail parks which follow the Turtle Creek all the way down to Reverchon Park in Oaklawn.  The Katy Trail which also runs parallel to the Turtle Creek is one of Dallas’ most popular trails and sees plenty of traffic daily.

Other Uptown neighborhoods include Oaklawn, Cedar Springs, Victory Park and more.  Contact Lauer Real Estate today and we’ll be happy to talk to you about finding the best neighborhood for the type of home in Uptown Dallas for you!


McKinney Avenue Trolley

Uptown Dallas features a vintage trolley that offers free ride service!

In the early years of Dallas around 1900, streetcars were a normal part of life and before cars were prevalent they provided essential means of transportation for people who needed to get to work from the outskirts of town.  The original streetcar lines ran well into the 1940’s before they were eventually buried in road construction.  Sometime in the 1980’s, the streetcar lines along McKinney Ave were uncovered and an initiative to begin trolley service got us to the free mode of transportation that is a signature part of Uptown Dallas!

Trolley cars that run on the McKinney Ave Trolley line are all vintage works of art, most around 100 years old and having been in service as far away as Belgium!  Thanks to a little modern technology, you can track these amazing antique attractions via real-time GPS: here

Riding the McKinney Ave Trolley can get you as far north as West Village and as far south as the Downtown Arts District.  It’s a great way to avoid a little traffic or get around without a car.  Riding the trolley is a great way to see Uptown Dallas and makes the whole area a lot more accessible!


Katy Trail