We’ve received your information and we’ll be working to process your information and begin the process of saving you money on your property taxes!

Don’t forget to file your dispute with DCAD:

The dispute process begins on April 15th so if you’re a little early, no sweat, we’ll send you an email reminder once the dispute process is opened with the County.

Go to http://www.dallascad.org/SearchAddr.aspx & Search for your address, file your dispute, we’ll handle the rest!

This service began out of an experience Ben had with a client who was being forced to sell her home after living there for over 40 years when her property taxes came to a level she was unable to keep up with. Her husband had passed and being a retiree on a fixed income, it was no longer possible for her to maintain tax payments even though her home was paid off.

Taxes in Dallas County are out of control and of course, our city needs funding to continue providing services we all benefit from and our goal is to make sure no one is paying more than their fair share. For this reason, we’ve built our tax dispute service to help people of all walks of life to get the help they need to not only stay in their homes but raise their families and live in neighborhoods they love.

There is never a cost for our service, ever. We do this out of love for our community and the people in it, if you appreciate what we do, let us know when you or someone you know needs to buy or sell a house and we’d be extremely greatful!

How can you help?

  1. Send us photos and contractor bids of work that needs to be done around your home: There are several ways to dispute your property valuation and if you’re able to show us that your home is in need of maintenance, it will allow us to make the argument that your property should be evaluated at a lower condition level which can save you money. Recent bids and pictures with descriptions can be sent to [email protected]
  2. Tell your friends: Do you know someone who needs help with their taxes? Don’t make this service a secret, we’re up for helping anyone in Dallas County.
  3. Send us referrals: We’re happy help and we love doing it but when it comes down to it, we’re running a business that supports our families and has overhead and everything else. If you or someone you know is planning to move and needs a good Realtor, we’d love to help. We offer free home buyer consultations, in home market analysis and there are great investment opportunities all over the DFW we can help with. Contact us at 214 302-7236 or send an email to [email protected] to work with experienced, honest and hardworking professionals who pride themselves on doing good work in our community.

Thanks again!