5 Rules for Owning a Dog and Being a Good Dallasite

Ben Lauer
Ben Lauer
Published on March 26, 2018

Want to be a good dog owner and a good neighbor in East Dallas? If you own a dog, you may need to take extra measures to be kind and courteous to the people who live around you. From barking to bathroom breaks, here are five ways to be a responsible pet owner and a respectful neighbor.


Make Sure Your Dog Stays on Your Property


If your dog is well-trained, you may be tempted to let him go outside without a leash, but this may not sit well with the neighbors and there are leash laws in Dallas. Dogs are easily distracted and will roam if left unattended, causing damage and annoying your neighbors. Keep your dog out of your neighbor’s yard and away from harm by fencing off part of your yard. A wooden fence will give you peace of mind and privacy, and the average price to install a fence in Dallas is between $2,008 and $4,686. Investing in a quality fence will protect your dog from the local wildlife and angry neighbors alike.


Don’t Leave Your Dog Outside Unattended


Wondering what to do with your pup while you’re at work? If you’re going to be gone more than a few hours, relying on a dog door or leaving your dog outside may not be the best plan. An open dog door can draw a number of pests, including coyotes and raccoons, and even burglars. Leaving your pup outside can also expose him to these dangers, and your neighbors may tire of hearing a barking dog all day. Keep your pup indoors, and if you know you’ll be gone for a while, consider hiring a dog walker to come let your pup out during the day. 


Work on Commands


If you’re going to be out and about with your dog, it’s a good idea to work on public etiquette and commands. Your dog should know how to heel, sit, and especially to come to you. Working on your dog’s recall could save his life if he ever gets off his leash and can prevent problems with neighbors and neighborhood pets. Take the time to really practice your commands and offer rewards to your dog every time he returns to you, no matter how upset you are. You want your dog to always associate coming back to you with positivity. Otherwise, he may be reluctant to come when called.


Clean Up Waste


Just like you, your neighbors want to enjoy their yards, so make sure you are picking up your dog’s poop. It’s really best to keep your dog out of other yards on walks, but bring plenty of bags in case he does make a mess. Leaving waste behind can attract disease and pests, or waste could end up in the hands or on the shoes of your neighbors or their kids. Not cleaning up after your dog is also against the law. If your dog is prone to marking, be courteous and clean up those messes as well, as urine can damage grass and plants.


Take Precautions Against Fleas and Other Pests


If you’ve ever dealt with fleas or flies in your yard, you know how difficult it is to get rid of them, especially in Dallas where our climate is conducive to unwanted bugs. Pets tend to attract pests so take measures to protect your dog, property, and neighborhood from unwanted visitors. Don’t leave water sitting out for extended periods of time to cut down on mosquitos, pick up waste that could attract flies, and keep your dog on flea preventive. Consider having your yard treated with pet-friendly products as well and take care of any bug problems before they have a chance to become a major issue for you or your neighbors.


Pets come with a lot of responsibility but also a lot of joy. Protect your pup, save yourself some stress, and keep the peace with your neighbors by following the advice above. Happy pets and people make for happy neighborhoods!