Old East Dallas Homes for Sale

Old East Dallas and Historic Neighborhoods

Munger Place, Junius Heights and Swiss Avenue are only a few of the areas that make the East Dallas historic communities among the most exciting in the country!

Old East Dallas home owners have seen lots of exciting changes in the last decade, calling it a rebirth would not be a stretch.  We’ve seen Deep Ellum go from an area plagued by street crime and under utilized businesses to a thriving beacon of art and local music.  Anchored by long running establishments like Trees and Adair’s Saloon, Deep Ellum offers an array of rooftop patios and loud local rock as well as unique restaurants and late night grub.  Lower Greenville Ave has become a hub of activity and artful cuisine and craft beer, streets have been widened for additional parking and the bars and nightclubs which dominated, have been replaced by local restaurants with an eclectic selection of locally brewed libation.  East Dallas Homes near Lower Greenville Ave have doubled in value and the historic districts of Munger Place and Junius Heights have returned to their former glory and are observed as some of the finest and most impressive historic districts in the country.  Swiss Avenue is home to some of the oldest and most impressive homes in the city of Dallas, some dating back to the 1900’s.  Early Swiss Ave was considered to be on the outskirts of early Dallas and as it became known as the prominent and exclusive street that it has managed to stay, wealthy business owners had their entire homes relocated to sit on the prestigious boulevard which today is a magnet for history and architecture enthusiasts.


Lower Greenville

A few years ago the crumbling, narrow streets of the Lower Greenville area were expanded and repaved to allow street side parking which has done wonders for the businesses and homes near Lower Greenville Ave. Since then, Lower Greenville Ave has absolutely exploded into one of the premier attractions in the entire city of Dallas!

Lower Greenville Ave is everything you’d expect in a walkable urban hotspot, quietly tucked into some of the nicest neighborhoods in East Dallas.  Great local restaurants, date night seclusion, neighborhood bars and posh cocktail spots all in the span of about a quarter mile!  The transformation of Lower Greenville Ave has been amazing and has transformed East Dallas almost over night.  More seasoned East Dallas residents will remember a time when Greenville Ave meant night clubs, loud music and lots of drinking which often led to… poor decisions.  In the early 2000’s, Lower Greenville Ave had a bit of a crime problem, bar fights were fairly common and it generally wasn’t the safest area at night.  Bars were open until 2am and patrons were rowdy and disrespectful of the homes near Lower Greenville Ave, it was definitely a time for change.

Since then there have been lots of changes, thanks in large part to the Lower Greenville Neighborhood Association, new ordinances have passed which require that new bars and restaurants close their doors no later than midnight, there are also much stricter requirements placed on new businesses coming in and most sell more food than booze, the only two bars which are still allowed open past midnight are The Old Crow and The Libertine are the only bars which have been grandfathered into the old closing time.

If you’re looking for a good time, don’t let the early closing discourage you.  Lower Greenville Ave has plenty to do and spots you can’t miss out on.  The new format is to thank for East Dallas hotspots like The Truckyard which will feel like home if you’re up from Austin and miss the grunge.  Daily foodtrucks parked right in back and a cheesesteak sandwich in the main building that cannot be overlooked.  If you’re a little more done up, HG Supply Co. or their sister restaurant Remedy may be more your speed.  There are plenty of boutique shops and Lower Greenville Ave is a great place to meet for brunch or lunch.

Most importantly, East Dallas homes near Lower Greenville Ave are enjoying a more peaceful and secure existence.  This has helped property values tremendously and preserves the historic architecture found in nearby M Streets, Lakewood and Greenland Hills Dallas where homes were originally built as early as the 1920’s.

East Dallas Trail Systems

Dallas is becoming a premier biking city, where most cities are much more dense, a city like Dallas with more sprawl presents unique challenges and opportunities...

Dallas hasn’t always been the most bike friendly city in the country, in fact we were one of the worst until recently.  Efforts to correct this have culminated in trails that run through the some of the nicest, greenest parts of Old East Dallas, Lakewood and Lake Highlands.  The Santa Fe Trail which leads up from downtown, through Deep Ellum to get to Old East Dallas, now connects to White Rock Lake which is an amazing loop around the lake that allows you to follow up through Lake Highlands and beyond 635.  Trails are planned which will connect to the Katy Trail along Mockingbird which will give East Dallas a much more robust and useful trail system.

The renaissance of the trail program largely began in 2002 and has been underway since and focuses on extending and connecting existing trails, East Dallas is largely leading the way in this exciting program.  Now with over 150 miles of trails East Dallas isn’t the only benefactor, the Trinity Strand Trail is one of the newest trails we have which is still in development.  The Trinity Strand runs through the design district north of the Trinity River and connects to the Katy Trail which in turn, connects to the Santa Fe Trail in East Dallas.

Dallas’ major emphasis on trails is obvious in the last 10+ years and it’s been worth it.  If you like to bike or run, East Dallas offers plenty of opportunities and there are lots of homes in East Dallas with easy access to an amazing trail system we should all be grateful to have.