M Streets Homes for Sale

M Streets Homes Dallas

The M Streets have become a popular destination for young professionals starting families, architectural enthusiasts and Lower Greenville lovers alike!

The M Streets of Dallas are well known around East Dallas for their beautiful tudor and bungalow home architecture originally constructed as early as the 1920’s.  Since then, homes in the M Streets have grown in size and value, homes near Lower Greenville are especially prized.  Young families finding their roots in the M Streets appreciate Stonewall Jackson and Robert E Lee as Elementary schools that continue to improve in performance and reputation.  Although the M Streets feel like a small community, it’s proximity to Downtown and the rest of interior Dallas is a major reason why the M Streets is one of the most sought after neighborhoods in East Dallas.  To drive through streets like Monticello and Llano feels like a small town with people out walking and community activities happening all around.  To be a home owner in East Dallas is truly a community of friends and neighbors, M Street homes are as much about the character and charm of one of Dallas’ most established neighborhoods as the people you’ll make your neighbors.  Join us in enjoying the best of East Dallas!

Tietze Park is a wonderful neighborhood park that offers a public pool, tennis courts, playgrounds and amazing trees that gives the park amazing character.  In August 2014, I proposed to my wife in Tietze Park under one of those iconic trees, it’s an amazing park and I love taking my family when the weather allows!


Lower Greenville

Lately, Lower Greenville has enjoyed a Renaissance and is among the most exciting spots in the city!

The evolution of the Lower Greenville area has taken the M Streets from a great neighborhood to one of the most desirable parts of Dallas.  Small restaurants and neighborhood bars well stocked with locally brewed libation dot the streets and make for a wonderful walking area, perfect for nightlife, date night or just a casual dinner on a shaded patio for a well deserved cocktail.  This area is perfect for a casual evening stroll or a night out with friends, but the current version of Lower Greenville is a recent one and the transformation has been nothing short of amazing.

Just a few short years ago Lower Greenville had a very different reputation as an area teeming with rowdy club goers who were not respectful of local residents or their property.  Crime was a little too high around Lower Greenville and as a result, homes in the M Streets were undervalued and falling apart.  About the time the stock market crashed in 2008 it was time to redo and widen Lower Greenville Avenue which effectively shut the area down, foot traffic dropped and it was hard for businesses to survive, this was the low point as local community groups planned the re-emergence of their beloved Lower Greenville and the M Streets with it.

Since then, community groups like the Lower Greenville Neighborhood Association have been vocal and specific about which types of businesses they will allow back onto the strip.  Bars must serve food that makes up a large portion of their revenue and must close their doors at midnight, no more 2am except for The Old Crow and The Libertine which are the only two hold outs from the old Lower Greenville.

Now, the M Streets boasts one of the most friendly, walkable areas in the city, Lower Greenville has transformed from a source of petty crimes and noise violations into an upscale community center featuring an impressive array of cuisine and locally brewed ales.  Lower Greenville is something for the whole city to be proud of and draws people from nearby Lakewood, Lake Highlands and Old East Dallas neighborhoods.

M Streets Parks

There are some really amazing parks and trails in and around the M Streets!