Lochwood Homes for Sale

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Lochwood East Dallas

A hidden gem in north east Dallas, Lochwood features parks, trails, trees and a great neighborhood environment. If you're hoping to find a quiet neighborhood within short commute to anything in Dallas, consider Lochwood!

Lochwood is a great neighborhood in the Lake Highlands area of East Dallas. The Lippit Branch stream goes through the middle of this East Dallas neighborhood and creates a lovely walking path that defines the neighborhood.  Mature trees and lush green acts as a backdrop for the homes built in this neighborhood as early as the 1950’s and as recent as the 1980’s.

Lochwood, like many other East Dallas neighborhoods such as the Lake and Garden District or Merriman Park are very community oriented and offers a wonderful opportunity for young families and people looking for a little more space.  This neighborhood boasts homes that range close to 3,000 square feet and it’s not uncommon to get a lot that is much larger than other neighborhoods in East Dallas.

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The Lochwood Library

Libraries generally aren't known for their modern architecture and green design, but this one is.

Built in 2006, the Lochwood Library is a feat of modern engineering.  Featuring a fully functioning theater, lots of windows and natural light, the library becomes a gathering point and host to local speakers and authors as well as the community at large.  The architecture of the building adds aesthetic appeal to the neighborhood and features beautiful views of the established Lochwood neighborhood surrounding the building.

For events and general goings on, visit the events calendar at Friends of the Lochwood Library.

Lochwood Park

A neighborhood that is known for parks and lush trees needs to have a great neighborhood park and that is Lochwood Park to this East Dallas neighborhood.   Amenities include a public pool, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, a playground, tennis courts and trail access.  The community is very involved in keeping this park looking beautiful and being a positive part of the East Dallas experience in general.  Neighbors and park patrons have formed a group called Friends of Lochwood Park that does an amazing job of keeping the place looking great!

Just beyond the neighborhood boundaries is one of Dallas’ largest park areas in White Rock Lake.  The lake itself is an 11,000 acre man made lake which was originally a reservoir, but the most impressive park of the lake is the park that surrounds it.  Lochwood is a short bike ride to one of the largest continuous urban trail systems in the state, it’ll get you all the way to downtown and Deep Ellum, or north of highway 635.