Our Home Selling System

  Many homeowners will list and sell with a Realtor who will never show them a marketing plan because most Realtors, even good Realtors who sell a lot of property DO NOT HAVE A PLAN to market your home!  Most listing agents will put your home on the MLS and cross their fingers while they wait for other agents to show and sell their properties.  The Ben Lauer Real Estate Group works actively to sell your property.  We have a team of agents which allows us greater capabilities and resources than other agents have available to them.  We work to actively pursue and find buyers for your property and with our extensive listing plan, we’re able to get results other agents aren’t which get you sold faster and for more money.

  1. Pre-Listing Consultation, Preparation and Staging: Preparation is critical in any area of life for important tasks that need to be done right the first time. When selling, little things make a huge difference and you only get one chance to get it right. We will help you get your home ready to sell as fast as possible for top potential profit and help refer contractors who will get the job done right.
  2. Appraisal Perspective Property Analysis: Realtors who don’t know how an appraiser works are bound to run into problems. At BLREG we will SHOW you how appraisers find their value because we use the same system. Once you see how we find your property value, you’ll wonder why other Realtors are still doing it the old way.
  3. Neighborhood Area Activity Analysis: We want to know what’s happening in your neighborhood, upcoming events and factors that can affect your value. Are new homes being built near you? What did the family down the street sell their home for? This is another layer of analysis critical to our process that most Realtors overlook.
  4. Professional Photography: In terms of real estate marketing, this is the low hanging fruit yet surprisingly many Realtors still think it’s sufficient to take photos with their phone. Poor pictures cost you buyers, increase your time on the market and decrease the amount of money you sell for. We will make sure our photographer shows your home in the best light and your property looks amazing! This is the first time people will see your property, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of high quality photos and we include high quality photos with EVERY listing.
  5. Social Media Integration: Announcements, Event invites, Optimized Posts to multiple networks. When other Realtors tell you they advertise on social media, this is what they’re talking about but for BLREG, it’s just the beginning.
  6. Custom Marketing Video: We will create a personalized marketing video about your property and use it to promote you on social media, our website and to other Realtors and their existing buyers.
  7. Internet and Social Media Marketing: When we say social media marketing, we really mean it. Hyper targeted Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram advertisements directed at your most likely buyers.
  8. Target Specific Marketing Campaign Customized to your Property: Are you selling a $2 million dollar East Dallas estate or a 1 bedroom condo in Uptown? The buyers for these properties are very different people and by taking the time to find out who is most likely to purchase your property, we’re able to zero in on our target audience and create a marketing system that operates with pinpoint accuracy!
  9. Realtor Friendly Communication and Showing System: Realtors like things to be easy, who doesn’t? We employ systems and strategies to make our properties easy to show for our fellow agents who already have buyers that are going to be interested in your property. We have decades of experience on our team and we’ve learned more than a few tricks and strategies to appeal to buyers’ agents and we can make sure that your property appeals to agents, just as it appeals to their buyers.
  10. Community Contact: Chances are, your neighbors have friends and family who have visited your neighborhood, already like the area and would love to live close by. We have a finely tuned system to politely contact people living nearby and offer them the opportunity to help us find their new neighbors!
  11. com Featured Listing: The BLREG focuses on driving traffic and buyers to our website. By making your listing a Featured Home, we’re able to put you front and center as we funnel people into our site and right to the front door of your perfectly positioned internet listing.
  12. Team Concept, Responsive Communication and Direct Phone Lines on listings: Most Realtors put a general office line on their signs, the problem with that is no one knows who will answer when buyers call. It could be the receptionist, it could be another agent but it’s unlikely whoever answers will knows anything about the property they’re being asked about. List with the BLREG and we’ll have information about your property at our fingertips so we can knowledgeably answer questions and convert property calls to showings and offers. We’re able to do this because we work as a team and have resources and systems individual agents just don’t have. Those same systems allow us to respond to our clients more quickly and create solutions no individual is capable of.
  13. Maximized Open Houses: Most agents hold open houses to some extent. Most of those agents also don’t really like open houses, mostly because they’re not very successful. At BLREG we LOVE open houses because we know how to make them work like they should. If you’d like to know how good an open house can be, list with BLREG, no one is more effective at holding open houses and we’re confident the results of our level 7 open house systems will speak for themselves.


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